“only in the spirit of love, sacrifice and great cost will we bring our breed to a state of genetic excellence”
Philipp GrünigPhilipp Grünig
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Baron vom Blitzkrieger

Baron vom BlitzkriegerPhoto GalleryPhoto Gallery
CKC: EW110156
DOB: 10-11-1995
Gender: Male
Colour: Brown
OFA: Good
Height: 69 cm
Weight: 48 kg
Titles: SchH 2


Working Results:

  • SchH 1: 100-78-96 = 274 points.
  • SchH 2: 93-81-81 = 255 points.

Baron vom Blitzkrieger was typical of the Weyermühle breeding. He was an uncomplicated dog, very stable with other dogs and small children. His nerves were solid and he was a very balanced dog in prey and aggression.

I imported Baron into Australia as a 4 year old in 1999 and commenced Schutzhund training with him. Due to personal commitments, Barons training continued with Kris Kotsopoulos of Vonforell Kennels. Kris titled Baron to SchH 1 and SchH 2, achieving successive 'High In Trial' performances in tracking, obedience and protection work. Baron was used at stud by Vonforell Kennels during his time in Australia. Baron was sold to the USA in 2001.

Baron's sire, Ilo von der Weyermühle, passed the Körung at two years of age with highest possible ratings for courage and working drives (very high protective instinct, fighting spirit and courage, high hardness and middle sharpness). Ilo is also 'V' rated in conformation and brother to Kleo von der Weyermühle, winner of the working IDC World Championship in 1996. Baron's dam, Cocoa von Warringhof, passed the ZTP with highest possible rating for protection, courage, fighting drive and self-assuredness and high hardness plus earned her V rating under Ottmar Vogel in Germany. Cocoa was also pronounced in bitework in her SchH 1.

Baron lived to almost 8 years of age (was euthanised due to an elbow problem he developed later in life which eventually crippled him), passed extensive health tests including cardio free rating at 5 years of age, had full dentition and tested as vWD affected (VetGen). His dam lived to 8 years of age and his sire to 10 years of age.

Baron has been used many times as a stud dog and his most influential litters and offspring to date are:

  • Hundesport “D” litter with Hundesport Chilli:
  • vom Blitzkrieger “I” litter with Faroh vom Blitzkrieger:
    • Icaro: BH and passed the MH GK Körning mental-test with 188 points in Sweden. He is sire of the vom Blitzkrieger “M” litter and Briska's “Y” litter (Yennie, Yra).
  • Vonforell “X” litter with Golda Niml Requilla:
    • Xilo: sire of the von Forell “C” litter.
  • Vonforell “U” litter with Von Roth Anka:
    • Udine: dam of the Vonforell “A” litter (Armin).
Ilo von der Weyermühle
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SchH 3, FH, ZTP SG 1A
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