“only in the spirit of love, sacrifice and great cost will we bring our breed to a state of genetic excellence”
Philipp GrünigPhilipp Grünig
“Judge, scientific breeder and profound student of the Dobermann”

Iwo von der Westfalenhalle (Imp. Germany)

Iwo von der Westfalenhalle
NHSB: 85305
DOB: 08-02-1974
Gender: Male
Colour: Black


  • 5 - 4.........Cäsar vom Klockenhof.
  • 5 - 4.........Anja vom Weleberg.

“This elegant, black male was exported by his breeder the well known dog trainer, Mr. W. Bork to his friend and colleague Mr. Rudi Fogenberger in Australia. (Owner of the 'Schutzhund' kennel). The dog was a mixture of Germania and von Forell blood. Iwo was a big strong male with a nice head and good body. He had an excellent character. He was a very influential sire in Australia and important in the development of the breed there. He sired many outstanding specimens uncluding Schutzhund Kira, Hero and Hedy.”

[By J.M. v.d. Zwan: In the beginning.....A history of the Dobermann]

Below are Iwo's most influential litters and offspring:

  • Schutzhund “H” litter with Schutzhund Anke:
    • Hero: sire of the Schutzhund “O, P” litters.
    • Hedy: dam of the Schutzhund “N, R” litters.
  • Schutzhund “K” litter with Pamela von Hagenstern:
    • Kira: dam of the Schutzhund “D, Y” litters (Dassa).
Alva vom Franckenhorst
NHSB: 576278
HD: A-1
SchH 1, ZTP V 1A, Angekört 1A
Chico von Forell
DZB: 81130

Dt-Ch, Bdsg, DV-Sg
Odin von Forell
DZB: 78769, SchH 2, Int+Dt+Mon-Ch
Cita Germania
DZB: 77767, Bdsg
Amarilda von der Wachenburg
DZB: 81849
Ero von Eichenhain
DZB: 80542
Costa von Eichenhain
DZB: 79719, Bdsg
Ondra vom Romberg
DZB: 79752
SchH 1
Barry vom Ackerstein
DZB: 770062
Nigo Germania
DZB: 69616
Sitta Germania
DZB: 75229
Ilka von Romberg
DZB: 76897
Amor vom Moselland
DZB: 71351
Hella von Romberg
DZB: 75944