“only in the spirit of love, sacrifice and great cost will we bring our breed to a state of genetic excellence”
Philipp GrünigPhilipp Grünig
“Judge, scientific breeder and profound student of the Dobermann”

Planned Litter for 2024

We are pleased to announce our planned litter between Urs vom Warringhof x Von Roth Qira is due on 09th April 2024.

A deluxe puppy pack will be supplied and breeders support for the life of the puppy.

This combination is heavily linebred on the famous von der Weyermühle, von Ellendonk and von der Niederkassel working Police/Schutzhund bloodlines from Germany (please see information on linebreeding).

Urs vom Warringhof (DEU)
VDH: 118269
Erik vom Strundertal
DZB: 108937
HD: A-1
SchH 3, IPO 3, ZTP SG 1A
IDC-Weltmeister in 2000-2001
Ijanko von der Klingenstadt
DZB: 100819
HD: A-1
Hexe von der Mooreiche
DZB: 102441
HD: A-1
SchH 3, ZTP SG 1B, Angekört 2B
Naomi von Warringhof
DZB: 113295
HD: A-1
SchH 3, IPO 3, FH 2, ZTP G 1A
DV-DM participant
Ilo von der Weyermühle
DZB: 102383
HD: A-1
SchH 3, FH, ZTP SG 1A, Angekört 1A
Hel von Warringhof
DZB: 107978
HD: A-1
Von Roth Qira (WAE)
ANKC: 3100419695
Von Roth Harro
ANKC: 3100316364
Vonchienloup Akil
ANKC: 3100168008
(Service working dog)
Sierra vom Blitzkrieger
CKC: XW382295 (Imp. Canada)
Von Roth Kayte
ANKC: 3100419695
Von Roth Hammer
ANKC: 3100316363
Service working dog
Von Roth Fera
ANKC: 3100289879
Certified Therapy Dog

Note: We are now taking reservations for this upcoming litter. For further details please contact us on 0412 792 045 or email info@vonroth.com.au.