“only in the spirit of love, sacrifice and great cost will we bring our breed to a state of genetic excellence”
Philipp GrünigPhilipp Grünig
“Judge, scientific breeder and profound student of the Dobermann”

Boran von Pagodenburg (Imp. Germany)

Boran von Pagodenburg
DZB: 94974
DOB: 17-05-1983
Gender: Male
Colour: Brown


“Imported to Australia by the well known Australian breeders Tony and Alide Stanley, Boran was a German import of top quality. He was a tall, brown male with a rock hard topline, perfect croup and magnificent head. Boran was the litter pick, although his full brother Berus in Germany has also proven to be a sire of some note.
When Boran matured, 'impressive' was probably the most common word used by his many visitors to describe him. He produced strong bone and substance and improved colour and markings. He also caused a small sensation when he produced a number of 4 colour litters.
Boran could be faulted for insufficient angulation front and rear, but had great harmony and power and was an excellent mover. Character wise a somewhat aloof and reserved dog with an above average protection instinct. Courage and hardness were medium and his sporting drives in the normal range.
Given away to be trained by a local self styled schutzhund expert, the ignorance and abuse endured resulted in him being ruined for any sensible work in that direction in the future.
This didn't affect his genetic potential and he was remarkable in the degree that he seemed to improve the character and working abilities in his offspring from domestic and imported females. Progeny were often smart workers, exhibiting exceptional confidence and alertness.
He proved to be an all purpose sire of untapped dimensions, producing numerous Champions, Specialty winners, obedience champions and schutzhund dogs from a variety of bitches of different types and bloodlines. Over time, word had spread and Boran offspring also created some International demand with progeny being exported to several countries around the world.”

[by J.M. v.d. Zwan: In the beginning.....A history of the Dobermann]

Below is Boran's most influential litters and offspring:

  • Hollenburg “A” litter with Azura vom Flandrischen Löwen:
    • Amanda: dam of the Schutzdobe “L, T” litters (Lob Lear, The Ladyhawk).
    • Azura: dam of the Doberheim “M” litter (Misch).
  • Schutzhund “D” litter with Schutzhund Kira:
Uri vom Franckenhorst
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HD: 2
SchH 3
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DZB: 87426
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