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Amida vom Flandrischen Löwen

Amida vom Flandrischen Löwen
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DZB: 95958
DOB: 29-03-1984
Gender: Female
Colour: Black
HD: B-1
Titles: SchH 3, CD


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  • VDH Siegerin.

Amida vom Flandrischen Löwen was bred in Germany and was considered by her past owner (Dobermann specialist Ottmar Vogel) to have an outstanding character. She had achieved her Schutzhund III prior to her second birthday and went on to take other working titles. She was later sold to America and became the foundation female for the Adlercrest Kennel. She lived to 8 years of age and died in surgery due to pyometria (blood clot broke loose). Her sire, Ali von Langenhorst, passed the Körung 'for life' with highest rating for hardness and working drives and lived to 16 years of age. Amida's maternal grand-sire, Bronco vom Zenn, passed the Körung 'for life' with Körklasse 1A rating and was very important for the breed in Germany.

Below is Amida's most influential litter and offspring:

  • Adlercrest “D” litter with Ebo van de Groote Maat:
    • Danzig: SchH 3 and passed the ZTP with 1A rating for character and V for conformation plus winner of some show titles. He is sire of the Vonzennith “E” litters (Egor) and Huz “Q, R” litter (Quartz, Rio Grande, Rebecca).
Ali von Langenhorst
DZB: 89464
HD: B-1
SchH 3, IPO 3, FH, Angekört 1A (ZVA)
Int+Dt-Ch, IDC+Euro-Sg, Bdsg, DV-Sg
Guys Hilo vom Norden Stamm
DZB: 88881
HD: A-1
SchH 3, FH, ZTP V 1A, Int-Ch, Euro-Sg
Bryan von Forell
DZB: 80934, Nor+Swe-Ch
Günthersforst Burga
KC: 109308, BrH 3, Nor-Ch
Biene von Niederkassel
DZB: 86317
HD: 1
SchH 3
Satan von Ellendonk
DZB: 82022, SchH 3, FH, Angekört 1A
Blanka von der Au
DZB: 82631, SchH 3, FH
Alexa vom Heiderhof
DZB: 92312
HD: B-1
SchH 3
Int+Dt-Ch, Bdsg, DV-Sg, Euro+VDH-Sg
Bronco vom Zenn
DZB: 86325
HD: A-1
SchH 3, Angek.1A (ZVA), Int-Ch, Bdsg
Jago von Beelen
DZB: 83381, SchH 2, Angek. 1A (ZVA)
Elke vom Pfälzer Waldheim
DZB: 83950, SchH 3, Angek. 1A (ZVA)
Eicke vom Stadtwald
DZB: 88126
SchH 3
Nero von Hagenstern
DZB: 84128
Alexa vom Taubergrund
DZB: 81700