“only in the spirit of love, sacrifice and great cost will we bring our breed to a state of genetic excellence”
Philipp GrünigPhilipp Grünig
“Judge, scientific breeder and profound student of the Dobermann”

Tanja van de Kunnemaborgh

Tanja van de KunnemaborghPhoto GalleryPhoto Gallery
NHSB: 1031873
DOB: 15-04-1978
Gender: Female
Colour: Black
Titles: SchH 1, ADPr
Körung: Angekört 1A (ZVA)


Tanja van de Kunnemaborgh produced the van Le Dobry “A, B, D, G, I” litters and in 1983 passed the Körung 'for life' in Essen with highest ratings for hardness and working drives. Tanja was known to have a fiery temperament and excellent working qualities.

Tanja was the brood female for the van Le Dobry Kennel in Holland and below is her most influential litter and offspring:

  • van Le Dobry “A” litter with Don Dayan vom Franckenhorst:
    • Hertog Alpha: SchH 3 and passed the Körung 'for life' with highest possible ratings for hardness and working drives. He is sire of the van Het Wantij “G, H, I” litter (Hargos) and vom Deister “A” litter (Arthos, Asta).
Candy van't Smeulveen
NHSB: 786896
HD: A-1
SchH 1, ZTP V 1A
Int+Dt+Ned-Ch, Bdsg, VDH-Sg
Don Dayan vom Franckenhorst
NHSB: 717387
HD: B-1
SchH 1, Int+Dt+Ned-Ch, DV+VDH-Sg
Bryan von Forell
DZB: 80934, Nor+Swe-Ch
Olive of Bamby's Pride
NPDD: 13032
Centa vom Eschenhof
DZB: 83847
HD: 1
Bonni von Forell
DZB: 80937, SchH 1, Int+Dt-Ch, Bdsg
Fee von Hagenstern
DZB: 82336
Toba van Haliwolwi
NHSB: 508230
HD: B-1
Miko von Fürstenfeld
DZB: 78340

SchH 1, Int+Lux-Ch
Bordo von Fürstenfeld
DZB: 75537
Citta von Fürstenfeld
DZB: 76173, Swiss-Ch, IDC-Sg, Bdsg
Tasja van Haliwolwi
NHSB: 383857
Hertog Buco van Stoltenborg
NHSB: 330484
NHSB: 228797