“only in the spirit of love, sacrifice and great cost will we bring our breed to a state of genetic excellence”
Philipp GrünigPhilipp Grünig
“Judge, scientific breeder and profound student of the Dobermann”

Nord Germania

Nord Germania
DZB: 69617
DOB: 10-05-1952
Gender: Male
Colour: Black
Rating: V


  • 3 - 3...................Dieter vom Willersee.
  • 4,5 - 4,4,5..........Frido vom Rauhfelsen.
  • 4 - 4...................Fanny von Pfeddersheim.
  • 5,5 - 4,5.............Horst von der Bismarcksäule.

Show Results:

  • Best of Breed.

“This very strong, black male was bred in Germany and owned by Mr. Palmer (von Fürstenfeld). Nord had a very long, nice head (32 cm long) with dark eyes, he had a balanced body with a short back and well developed chest. He had 'Nobility' and showed very well. His temperament was excellent. However according to Mr. Palmer his tan was too light so he was sold to Finland. He did well there and gained several champions tickets. Twice he was Best of Breed.
He left some good progeny in Finland.”

Below are Nord's most influential litters and offspring:

  • von der Nordburg “I” litter with Edda von der Nordburg:
    • Inka: dam of the von Fürstenfeld “B” litter (Bordo).
  • von Fürstenfeld “A” litter with Freya vom Karlsfeld:
    • Armin: sire of the von der Herta Höhe “B” litter (Blanka).
Cäsar von Klockenhof
DZB: 63047

SchH 1
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DZB: 57139

SchH 1, Bdsg
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DZB: 53728
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DZB: 55375
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DZB: 55550
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DZB: 47/184

SchH, Dt-Ch + Dutch Winner
Frido vom Fürstenlager
DZB: 55543
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DZB: 53965
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DZB: 53817
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DZB: 56795
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DZB: 55375
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DZB: 55873