“only in the spirit of love, sacrifice and great cost will we bring our breed to a state of genetic excellence”
Philipp GrünigPhilipp Grünig
“Judge, scientific breeder and profound student of the Dobermann”

Ingo von Forell

Ingo von Forell
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LOSH: 84468
DOB: 12-02-1973
Gender: Male
Colour: Black
Rating: V


Show Results:

  • Italian Champion.

“The Italian judge and breeder Mr. M. Marchetti imported Ingo von Forell from Germany. A very well built male with a nice topline and strong bones.”

[by J.M. v.d. Zwan: THE DOBERMANN - A Pictorial History]

Below is Ingo's most influential litter and offspring:

Chico von Forell
DZB: 81130

Dt-Ch, Bdsg, DV-Sg
Odin von Forell
DZB: 78769

SchH 2, Int+Dt+Mon-Ch
Falko von Hagenstolz
DZB: 76522, SchH 1, Bdsg
Iris von Forell
DZB: 77618
Cita Germania
DZB: 77767

Cäsar von Weideneck
DZB: 71987, SchH 3, FH
Reni Germania
DZB: 74717
Gräfin von Hagenstern
DZB: 82774
Bonni von Forell
DZB: 80937
HD: A-1
SchH 1, Int+Dt-Ch, Bdsg, DV-Sg
Vello von Fürstenfeld
DZB: 79814, SchH 3, Angek.1A (ZVA)
Kira von Romberg
DZB: 78325
Dona von Eichenhain
DZB: 82631

SchH 1, Int+Dt-Ch, Bdsg, DV-Sg
Rondo von Forell
DZB: 79038, SchH 1, Bdsg
Hella von Forell
DZB: 77433